Recognition in articles always give us great enthusiasm. If we are getting recognition for some good initiative that trigger us to do more. Below are things which driven us to move further

Taking to technology - GEOMESH - The Hindu
Jan 05,2018

City-based startup Geo Meo Informatics has put Madurai on the tech radar. Run by friends Dhinesh Pandian and Senthil Kumar, it provides tech-driven solutions to social

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Connectivity changes everything - The Brinc
Feb 10,2018

Bring is investing in startups that unlock data and improve lives

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Success Story of Sathuragiri: Geomesh Offline Content Provider
Aug 16,2018

Geomeo Informatics is glad to be part of the Aadi Amavasya festival by introducing the Sathuragiri feature(Offline Content Provider) in the Madurai Kavalan App.

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