GeoMesh Wirefree Router

GeoMeo Informatics build a GeoMesh a worlds first wire-free modular, multi-radio wireless mesh router specially designed to provide connectivity in remote rural villages where alternative access either doesn’t exist or is too expensive. The node has a powerful CPU/GPU which is capable of running blockchain powered decentralised offline applications.

Node for LTE and Television

MeshLTE : Node can be configured as LTE modem with outdoor antenna . MeshTV : Node can be configured as android TV, or allow to install any type of TV application

Node for Bot and Display

Meshbot : Node can be configured as any type of voice assistance google , Alexa, cortana, Mozilla voice. MeshFrame : Node can be configured as photo frame or information display panel

Node for camera and Storage

Meshcam : Node can be configured as a wireless camera . Meshcloud : Node can be configured as a local cloud system .

Node for wireless forum

MeshVoice: Node can be act as wireless speakers

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Solar Powered

The router is wire free meaning that the router has a long lasting battery backup with solar charging support. It allows making the router more portable

Modular Router

It is modular that mean the router allows to expands its functionality by supporting more addon. Every node can be configured as to do different functionality other than expanding the coverage such as public radio, distributed cloud storage.

Multiple radio support

It has multiple radios operates on 2.4ghz, 5ghz and optional 60ghz band. The effective utilization of spectrum allows providing a seamless long-range connectivity.

Zero configuration

It supports an auto-configuration of mesh networking between nodes. By adding more nodes you can expand the coverage to entire village. It completely avoids the wifi dead zone.

Runs Decentralised Applications

All these nodes have powerful CPU/GPU allows running the blockchain based decentralised application. All the communications are peer to peer. It allows giving the highest security for your smart home devices. The entire system can be run without an Internet connection which gives more user-friendly access for the smart devices.

Other Features

Waterproof indoor/outdoor router

Expandable coverage with mesh networking

Expandable storage support

Offline cache support

A new approach to wireless

Enjoy Stable Connection in Adverse Outdoor Environment

GeoMesh is a high-speed cost-effective outdoor router with low power consumption, high gain antenna. It is designed with multiple radios, multi-band support to provide a stable connection over the mesh network. It is coupled resistant with waterproof and dustproof. It provides a stable temperature connection even in intense outdoor environments."

Zero configuration with Self diagnosing

Zero configuration with Self-diagnosing GeoMesh builds with self Discovery protocol to create the wireless mesh link between multiple nodes with zero configuration.

Never worry about the power outage

No need to search for power outlets. It is inbuilt with battery backup of 10,000 mAH and the solar panel which provides a seamless 24 x 7 access.


In a nutshell, the GeoMesh is an indoor/outdoor weatherproof 3-radio wireless mesh router, but it is much more than that.
Using its two 5 GHz radios and sector antennas, the GeoMesh automatically forms a mesh network with another GeoMesh router within range. Using the 2.4 GHz radio, it creates a hotspot around it for clients to connect to the network, and the resulting mesh network enables communication between all the devices connected to it.
Moreover, if any router on the local network connect to other networks (such as the Internet) all devices on the local network automatically have access to the internet through the mesh.
It also allows a multi-mesh environment, where each mesh is an administrative boundary (like a neighbourhood, a community, a building). Each mesh can relate with the others easily, including peering (allowing users of each network to reach the other netwo






transmission rate

Max Tx Power


External antenna

Power input



QCA9531 650MHz

128 MB

1 TB

2.4GHz(5G addon)

300 Mbps


802.11 b/g/n



< 2W

58*58*25mm, 39g

10,000 mAh
24x7 Solar Access
Cloud Storage Support
200 Meter
Wireless Coverage
External Memory