Mesh Technology router that connects the unconnected rural areas.
    A revolutionary application which tracks user’s location and sends the details to control room.
  • geopole
    Geosmart Pole is A Smart Beacon Developed For Common Citizens
  • geosparrow
    GeoSparrow is a multi purpose tracking solution App based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.
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About Us

Geomeo started up in February 2017, and we’ve been on the epic ride ever since our kickoff.

From our beginning as a smart-street pr...
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Our company’s objective is to facilitate a street with excellent connectivity, communication, transportation, and securi...

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By 2020, we will bring around five major cities into smart cities and convert 30 villages into smart digital villages also 100 streets into smart streets....

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Our Team


Senthil Kumar

Ex Employee of
Qualcomm and Samsung.

Dhinesh Pandian

Dhinesh Pandian

President 2018
Junior chamber of Commerce



Ex-Employee of
Yahoo, EMC, and Microsoft


Ashwin Karthik , IIT

Research scholar at Purdue university,
USA with commendable patent and an Ivy league educational record.


Dr. Malaimani

Deputy Director (Retd.) PL, GPS & Antartica National GeoPhysical
Research Institute

Krishna Prasanth

Krishna Prasanth

Worked with inMobi as
business architect


Madurai City Police

Our Products

Track anyone and anything from your mobile and PC

Geo Shadow offers an efficient, effective tracking system for managing your , vehicles, assets, company’s staff, close ones to your heart. This is a Live tracking system which improves security with GPRS, GPS and GSM system.


Connected communities can positively impact property values and desirability.

Geo Mesh enables local communities to get connected through offline routers and servers, which can make a community to stay online alltime and be aware of local updates. Geo Mesh technology can also be used to conduct online examinations in offline manner at rural areas.


A new mode of public transportation arrives

Geosmart Pole is A Smart Beacon Developed For Common Citizens For All Their Basic Needs with Mesh WiFi Sharing, LED Light and Surveillance camera

Be guarded by cops, with one click ahead

A revolutionary application which tracks user’s location and sends the details to control room of police department in any case of mis-happenings. This application allows to make SOS calls, file e-complaint, update traffic status and any mis-happenings around their environment.


  • This is a first-ever application that feature for locked house monitoring. Once people start using this application, crime rate, especially the number of thefts, will come down

    Thiru. Pradip Kumar IPS

    DIG of Police, Madurai zone

    Launched Madurai Kavalan on 21.12.2017

  • The new feature "Locked Home Monitoring System" (LHMS) in Madurai City Police application helps the people of Madurai city to keep their house safe during the outstation trip.

    Thiru. Mahesh Kumar Agarwal IPS

    Commissioner of Police, Madurai City.

    Launched LHMS in Madurai City Police on 12.4.2018

  • Last year we received 1891 SoS calls from the application, where 205 complaints have been solved immediately. We receive calls especially from the women regarding eve-teasing, public nuisance. Madurai City police app is surely a revolution

    Thiru. Shailesh Kumar Yadav IPS

    Commissioner of Police, Madurai City.

    Launched Madurai City Police on 24.6.2016

  • GeoMesh covers a huge range and delivers maximum throughput with 300mbps. Now my whole business place can connect to the flawless network.

    Mr. K. Sundaresh

    CEO of the Elysium Group of companies


  • GeoMesh router by its seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout my business place. It also eliminates dead zones and buffering.

    Mr.A.Senthil Raja

    CEO, Ariser Engineering pvt ltd


  • The public may click and upload pictures of local crime issues, people who make suspicious movements in locality and alert the police about the local crime issues. Hope this application will reduce the public nuisance

    Thiru. N. Manivannan IPS

    Superintendent of Police, Madurai District

    Launched CopsEye on 01.03.2018

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